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Professional Performance & Success Coaching

By changing your mindset you get striking results & generate unprecedented success in your professional life or business.

You’ll become the confident, creative and inspired personality people appreciate.

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Become a self-reliant and successful person by following the proven Self-Confidence Formula. 

Do you want to progress in your career or business?

Become aware of the real power of your mind and use it to progress in your life for incredible growth and success. 
Bring order and clarity to your mind through “New Awareness Coaching”. Become what you always wanted to become.

Do you feel stalled in your professional life?

Do you feel frustrated and discouraged because you
would like to achieve more in your business? Believe me, I have been there at a certain point in my life, and in my career as a Psychologist & Coach I have witnessed hundreds of people feeling stalled and frustrated.

We humans want and need to feel progression in our life.

We need to evolve.

Engaging in this coaching program means that your life is going to change tremendously.
Scientists believe nowadays that we think 90% of the same thoughts every day. If we become aware of our repetitive thoughts – and we can - we can also change them through training.

To become more successful and to feel fulfilled in your professional life, you transform your thinking when you engage in this easy to understand training of your mind and in creating a new awareness.

Your engrained beliefs will shift, you will experience a new perception of reality, and your limits will be pushed further and further.

We go through the program step-by step together and you will succeed like never before. Take action NOW and you will need a telescope at the end of this coaching program to look back and see where you have started.

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Scientists claim and confirm through thousands of studies that we use only 5-10% of our mind's capacity. We can use much more of our potential, we just have to become aware, to evolve to a new level of understanding through mind training.

You need a clear direction and plan that I can offer and that has worked for millions of people.
You are offered a structure that takes you to a new level of awareness, makes you more effective, focused and confident through a change in your perspective and self-image. The use of your higher faculties will activate your creativity, focus and self-belief.

Contact me for a free initial discussion. We can explore your goals, dreams and ambitions and I will introduce to you the “Thinking Into Results” process.

If you want results in your life now, contact me now and work with me!

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With a pragmatic methodology, step-by-step, I will show you how you set your goals and how you will be able to achieve them.

What do you aspire to achieve? What do you want?

Do you want to:

  • Improve your financial situation
  • Grow your business
  • Evolve in your career
  • Get a better employment
  • Make better sales
  • Improve your self-image
  • Become more creative, as a writer, artist, musician…?

“The first step in the renewing of the mind is desire”

- Neville Goddard

3 ways in which I can support you

Collective Coaching for Individuals

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Exclusive Coaching for Individuals

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Group Coaching for Company Employees

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Hello, I am Dr. Ivona Ruttkay, 

and I welcome you to my “New Awareness Coaching” website!

I am a qualified and experienced Psychologist and obtained a Ph.D. in Psychology at the University of Paris, France in 2009. For most of my life, I have lived in France, although I have Hungarian and German origins. I am now based in the UK.

I worked as a Clinical Psychologist in my own practice and as an Occupational Psychologist, Management Consultant, Corporate Advisor, Senior Account Manager and Recruiter in international companies, 2 of which provided employee assistance programs (EAP), offering counselling and coaching support for global corporate clients.

Some years ago I discovered the work of the world-renowned speaker and motivational coach Bob Proctor and became a Proctor Gallagher Institute (PGI) consultant. The teachings of Bob Proctor and Sandy Gallagher help millions of people to manifest success in their lives and to create and reach their goals. These teachings were a revelation to me and impacted my life considerably. Today, more than ever, I love helping people and companies worldwide through the PGI program “Thinking into Results” to become aware of their limitless potential, take action and succeed in their professional life and business.

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 "It's all in Awareness. There is a marvelous inner world that exists within us, and the revelation of such a world enables us to do, to attain and achieve anything we desire within the bounds or limits of Nature."

- Bob Proctor